Advocacy Briefs

One of GHC’s main roles is to serve as a communicator and convener around important issues related to the broad topic of global health. Advocacy Briefs are a member benefit, which allow GHC to communicate time-sensitive messages out to the membership around important decisions that are taking place on Capitol Hill and in other forums. The following are GHC’s most recent Advocacy Briefs which were shared in real-time with our members.

114th Congress Convenes: Budget Outlook and Committee Assignments 01 15 2015

FY15 Omnibus Release 12 11 14

FY16 GHC letter to OMB

FY15 Appropriations Bill update 07 02 14

FY15 GHC budget ask to congress 04 03 14

Advocacy Update 04 03 14

GHC Analysis of FY15 President Request

FY15 GHC letter to OMB

Advocacy Update FY14 Global Health Appropriations

Multistakeholder Engagement for NCDs

Advocacy Briefing 05 08 13

Advocacy Briefing 03 13 13

Advocacy Briefing 03 05 13

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